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January 6, 2015:

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Beadle County South Dakota

County Name: Beadle

Largest City: Huron

County Seat: Huron

Population: 17,023

Founded: 1879

Located in Eastern South Dakota, Beadle County is home to the James River and many of the communities that make South Dakota a great place to live and work. The county has also been the permanent home of the South Dakota State Fair for more than one hundred years.

The county is named for the prominent Brigadier General William Henry Harrison Beadle, who was an educator, soldier, and pioneer. Beadle gained recognition chiefly for his contributions to our state's educational system after being named the Dakota Territory's general surveyor in 1869. He prevented the cheap sale of school lands and created great profits for the school system by selling later at higher prices when he was the territorial superintendent of public education. Beadle later went on to become a history professor and President of Dakota State University before his death in 1915.

Beadle County was first settled by Charles Miner, who established his home near the mouth of Pearl Creek in April 1879. Shortly thereafter, Cavour was established as the county's first town in August 1879, but did not have buildings until the following May. Huron became the headquarters for the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad on May 10, 1880. Huron was then named the permanent county seat of Beadle County in July of 1880. The railroad brought settlers to the area, and they quickly staked claims to the land along the fertile James River.

Huron is home to the State Fair. The first State Fair was held in 1885, but was not permanently located in Huron until 1905. It was originally held in order to promote agriculture, horticulture, manufacturing, and domestic arts. The fair is unique in that it remains committed to 4-H competitions, but attracts nationally-known musicians. It is the second-largest fair in our state.

Beadle County is home to many other towns, including Hitchcock, Yale, Wolsey, Wessington, and Iroquois, each of which take pride in their close-knit, safe, and thriving communities. Wolsey celebrated its 125th anniversary with three days of events in the summer of 2008. Wessington is a former railroad stop that was originally named ���Aqua��� and was later renamed for the nearby Wessington Hills in 1882.

Today, Beadle County is a popular location for outdoor activities, including hunting, camping, fishing, and boating. The pheasant hunting season attracts thousands of hunters every year to the area. An Annual Pheasant Day is now held in Wessington every year. The event includes a banquet and pheasant races on the opening day of the hunting season.

Tim's Work in Beadle County

Tim Fights for Water Project
Tim has secured more than $65 million to build the Mid Dakota Rural Water System, which service vast portions of central and eastern South Dakota, including Beadle County.

Tim has also secured millions of dollars in earmarks to help restore the river, remove debris, and improve overall health and flow of the river.

Tim Works to Fund State Fair
In FY2008, Tim secured $196,000 in funding to help keep attendance strong at the fair and upgrade the Open Class Beef Complex and the Hippodrome. Johnson is a longtime supporter of our state fair, and has promoted free prostate cancer screening and mammograms at the event for years.

Tim Helps Farmers and Ranchers Preserve Their Crops
With an estimated 70 million blackbirds crossing through the prairie wetlands annually, agricultural producers in Beadle County and across the state struggle to preserve their main food source, sunflowers and corn. After hearing from producers in our state, Tim secured $282,012 in FY2008 to conduct research to prevent the damage caused by the blackbirds. The research will be conducted as part of joint programs in cooperation with SDSU and NDSU.

Tim Works to Fund South Dakota Symphony and Black Hills Symphony
In FY2008, Tim secured $95,305 to fund a project to combine the talents of the South Dakota Symphony, based in Sioux Falls, and the Black Hills Symphony that is based in Rapid City. Together, the groups will produce a series of joint concerts and outreach events to promote music education and appreciation throughout our state. Proposed activities include a series of joint concerts featuring the symphonies, instrumental clinics, master classes, a showcase of Native American compositions, ���Meet the Composer��� features, and other educational outreach activities targeting everyone from preschoolers to adults.

Tim Supports HIDTA
Beadle County is one of 74 counties in the United States that are part of the Midwest High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA). Highway 281, which runs through Beadle County, has been designated a drug trafficking route. Over the years, Tim has supported this program and secured federal funding to help law enforcement combat the drug trade.



After agriculture, tourism is South Dakota's largest industry. Each year South Dakota entertains thousands of visitors, won't you be one of them? I invite you to come and discover South Dakota!
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