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Mar 12 2008

Johnson Comments on Progress of the Farm Bill Negotiations

Washington, DCU.S. Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) today released the following update on farm bill negotiations:
A new farm bill is overdue. However, this Administration continues to hang a veto threat over Congress, as Congress tries to hammer out a sound funding proposal for this farm bill. Agriculture has paid enough, and I don’t believe that we should scrap farm programs to pay for a new farm bill that affects our national food security. 
Our farmers have waited too long for a new farm bill and deserve to know how they can plan for future crops.  Let’s hope the White House is willing to work with Congress rather than offering up unrealistic funding cuts like the ones in their last proposal that would have cut funding for oxygen for Medicare recipients in order to pay for the farm bill.
Congress will pass a one month extension of the farm bill in order to have more time for negotiations on a final product. The Senate still waits for the House to name conferees to the bill.
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