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Aug 05 2011

Johnson Applauds Compromise on FAA Reauthorization

Washington, DC—U.S. Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) released the following statement regarding today’s extension of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) bill.

It’s about time Congress worked together to extend the FAA bill. When we return from the August District Work period, we need to work out a long-term solution so that important airport projects and thousands of employees are not left in limbo again. The aviation system is important to South Dakota’s economy and we need to provide certainty to airport managers and local leaders to keep improvement projects moving forward and workers on the job.

Earlier this week, Johnson called on the bipartisan leadership of the Senate and House to bring Congress back from their scheduled district work period to pass an extension of the FAA bill.  Although the FAA bill had been extended on a short-term basis 20 times in recent years, partisan politics prevented passage of an extension before Congress adjourned earlier this week.