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Mar 14 2008

Johnson Comments on Earmarks Moratorium Amendment

Washington, DC—U.S. Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) commented today on an amendment to the Senate Budget Resolution that would have tied the hands of Congress when it comes to providing for their constituents. The provision thankfully failed late last evening as it became clear that it would have prevented earmarks on projects across South Dakota, including funding our water projects.
Johnson released the following statement:
Drinking water is not frivolous spending and should not be made into a political football with the goal of getting headlines. I stand by the projects I have helped get funding for and realize that they are worthy investments in the people of South Dakota and our communities. I certainly agree that transparency in the system is necessary and Congress has already passed numerous reforms, including identifying projects and their sponsors that are included in the appropriations bills.
I’m glad this amendment failed because it would have tied our hands and prevented additional funding for projects like Lewis and Clark, research at our universities and roads across South Dakota.
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