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Mar 25 2008

Aurora Brule Rural Water System to Receive Funds for Additional Water Supply

Washington, DC U.S. Senator Tim Johnson (D-SD) announced today that the Aurora Brule Rural Water System in Brule County will receive a $217,000 federal grant and a $492,000 low-interest federal loan to secure an additional water source to meet increased demands. The funding is provided by the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rural Development.
“Proper water infrastructure is crucial for our communities and this funding will greatly benefit the people in Brule County and surrounding areas,” said Johnson.  “One of the pillars of my Hometown Prosperity Plan is investing in the public good, and this funding is a wonderful example of that kind of investment.”
Senator Johnson's Hometown Prosperity Plan is a four-pillar agenda for advancing South Dakota's economy from the federal level.  The four pillars, or strategies, include "Promoting Partnerships," "Emphasizing Entrepreneurship," "Investing in the Public Good," and "Protecting Pocketbooks."  The full plan includes specific actions related to each strategy and can be downloaded from
For more information on Senator Tim Johnson visit his website at  To contact Senator Johnson’s communications office via e-mail, write his Communications Director at or his Deputy Communications Director at
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