Letters of Greeting

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I truly enjoy sending greetings to South Dakotans celebrating landmark life events. Typically, greetings are reserved for persons celebrating their 80th birthday (or older) or who are celebrating a wedding anniversary of 50 or more years of marriage. In some special circumstances, however, greetings can be sent for other important events, as well.

To request that a greeting be sent to a loved one or a friend, please complete the form provided, and mail to and/or fax to:

Senator Tim Johnson
PO Box 1424
Sioux Falls, SD 57101-1424
Fax: 605-332-2824
Call 1-800-537-0025 to submit a request over the phone.

It is important that:

  • You provide complete information about yourself, as well as the celebrant(s).
  • Keep in mind that requsts filled for greetings from anonymous sources cannot be filled.
  • You allow a minimum of two weeks time for the greeting to be forwarded to the celebrant(s).