The Page Program

Photo of TPJ with Senate PageThe U.S. Congressional Page Program is a unique program in which high school juniors have the opportunity to work on the Senate Floor and watch the legislative process first hand. Pages play a vital role in the legislative process. Their jobs are to work in the Senate chamber when Congress is in session assisting senators in many different ways.

Not only do congressional pages work for Congress, but they also are exposed to challenging educational programs at the Senate page school. The Page School ensures pages will graduate on time when they return to their respective states and prepares them for college. In addition, the schools make sure the pages are learning as much as possible about Washington, DC and the legislative process.

To apply for a Page position, please send a letter to Senator Johnson's Washington, DC Office stating the reasons you are interested in becoming a Page and listing any activities that you have been involved with in high school.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to be a Page?
Submit a copy of your resume, cover letter, letters of recommendation from three people, a letter stating why you want to be a Page, and a copy of your high school transcript. These materials should be sent via fax to Senator Tim Johnson at (202) 228-5765 or via email to Ryan Stee in Washington, DC.
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What will I do as a page?
  • Pages work directly with Senators on the Senate floor.
  • Pages deliver correspondence and legislative material within the Senate
  • Pages take messages for Members
  • Pages prepare the Senate Chamber for session
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How long will I serve?

There are four sessions

  • Sept-January
  • January-June
  • June
  • July
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Where do Pages live?
Pages live in the Daniel Webster Page Residence Hall which is 2 blocks from the Hart Senate Office Building. back to top
Do I have to take classes if I serve during the school year?
Yes. back to top
How old do I have to be?
  • Pages must be juniors in high school and at least 16 years of age
  • Pages must also be US citizens and have a Social Security number
  • Pages must maintain a GPA of at least 3.0
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